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Changes to Cancer Research

Mar 25th, 2011

cancer researchThere are new rules and changes coming within the cancer research industry since the health reform bill came to fruition. Whether this will enhance the cancer studies or inhibit the cancer studies will be something to determine at a later date. One of the initial changes to cancer research will be for the medical health care physicians to establish which medical treatments are best suited for a specific type of cancer.

This will be difficult to establish for some time because the medical physicians are aware this will cause some medical treatments to be expunged while newer and less costly medical health treatments will be promoted.

Individuals who are enrolled with a low-cost health insurance policy may find their insurance provider will discontinue specific medical prescriptions to help push the less costly medical prescriptions that may or may not offer wellness and comfort to the individuals diagnosed with a form of cancer.

The hesitation throughout the medical health community is that there will be a number of patients who will be refused the more expensive medical prescriptions because the life expectancy is unable to be established for a long-term basis. How this will help or hinder other individuals receiving long-term care is unknown at this time.

Universal health care may eventually be an unsuccessful movement in this country when the statistics come out that more individuals succumbed to their form of cancer because they were not given access to the more potent and expensive medical prescriptions that could have saved or prolonged their quality of life. Does this country no longer value the sanctity of life?

The government is requesting too much from the health insurance industry and the medical community, which operates on grants, federal funding, and other forms of finite resources in order to keep their heads above water and continue their experimentations for the sake of future breakthroughs. The government authorities are asking the medical community to find the one size fits all prescription medication and this is impossible when it comes to the variety of cancer that attacks our citizens.

The consequences will become a part of the united health care national landscape in the years to come depending on the outcome of the future studies that are performed. When more patients are succumbing to their cancer while the health insurance providers continue the cancellation of specific medical prescriptions that would have saved more lives, there will be a backlash from the citizens.

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