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Changes in Self Employed Health Insurance

May 18th, 2011

self employed health insuranceWhy is it that every time the federal government decides to become involved in a situation it always goes from bad to worse? Will the federal government ever learn how to stay out of those affairs that are of no concern to running a country? When The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is in full bloom, we the people will begin to realize how much of our freedoms we willingly gave away for an affordable health insurance.
What will it take for more individuals within the population to understand what is really happening before it is too late to turn back and begin again. What the majority of the population was asking for was that the federal government intervene with the out of control cost for individuals and the self employed health insurance costs.
Instead, we are offered a new individual affordable health insurance policy that attaches itself to the Internal Revenue Service. The federal government had an opportunity to offer a worthwhile option while bringing down the overall costs and forfeited the entire opportunity. What will happen to all the citizens and entrepreneurs who want to continue living their life without any insurance?
What will the entrepreneur be entitled to now? We are being mandated to purchase an insurance policy that will accommodate all of our known ailments. Will it really matter which of the self-employed health insurance providers you, as an individual entrepreneur, decide to purchase a policy? After all, the Internal Revenue Service will have the final say. What happens when you paid your insurance policy in full upon the enrollment process or upon the renewal?
There are going to be so many new changes that when the affordable care act is fully implemented that you will not recognize your own insurance policy. The federal government has seen to it that all insurance providers are now mandated to absorb the cost of preventive health insurance whether they want to or do not want to. Is this the fair way for an insurance provider such as Excellus to handle a situation?
The federal government has also mandated that all children under the age of twenty-six may remain on the insurance policy of their parents. Do you honestly think your average cost for New York health insurance will remain at the same rate? Are you expecting your annual insurance policy to be reduced with each year that passes? Guess again. As time passes and the new universal health care becomes more effective you will find you are very disappointed.

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