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Veteran Health Insurance

Mar 30th, 2010

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Veteran’s health insurance is a program run through the government to insure that all veterans who qualify receive adequate and necessary care pertaining to each individuals needs. Most family members are also covered under this medical health insurance plan and are located at strategic areas around the country. This is for easy availability to all current, active members. The basic low cost health insurance falls under six specific categories to insure all members are receiving adequate care.

1. Eligibility for coverage, divisions and amounts of co-payments

2. Prescription medications prescribed by Veteran medical physicians

3. Standardized medical health insurance benefits

4. Priority group enrollment based on status

5. Financial Aid and other program assistance

Eligibility for coverage is a specific related area, which cares for specific wounds, and ailments that are military related. All other diseases and ailments must be addressed through outside medical health care personnel. The co-payments are further broken down into main categories:

1. Medication, and outpatient care to all eligible veterans and their family members

2. Inpatient care, and long-term care to all eligible veterans and their family members after required enrollment

Prescription medications are to be prescribed through a military physician in order to qualify for benefits. When a member visits with a non-VA medical physician and receives a medical prescription, he or she is obligated to pay out of pocket. In this case, it makes sense to have a basic low cost medical health insurance policy just for this purpose.

Standardized medical health care benefits for the VA enrollee will encompass a wide range of benefits including:

1. Annual preventive medical assistance, and ambulatory services

2. Hospital diagnostics, and hospital treatment for eligible members and families

3. Prescription medication, and necessary medical supplies

4. Immunizations and annual physical examinations, health care assessments

5. Outpatient services and treatments for veterans and their family members

6. Medical physician access and treatment for eligible family members

As most associated with the Veteran’s Administration, all have the opportunity to re-file their paper work when their individual income status changes. This becomes necessary to maintain the level of health care they and their family members are currently receiving. The current affordable health insurance any qualified member is receiving will continue to be maintained. However, for peace of mind and personal security there are also several other health insurance programs which are available to all veterans to continue to help maintain each individual’s health and well-being.


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