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The Shape of Health Care

Nov 19th, 2010

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Unfortunately, for the mass population of we the people, the government is looking in the wrong direction for a view into the future of the health insurance industry and the health care medical physician’s ability to continue forward. The government is looking to the health care model in Massachusetts, which is a known dismal failure.

Perhaps the government can see the errors that were made. Maybe they believe they can modify the initial health insurance model and improve it to turn it around and make it a success. This may be a possibility but it will not help the current health insurance program that is being changed at this very moment.

The health insurance providers are hard at work trying to devise a workable plan to allow children back into the parent’s health insurance policy without it costing an over abundance of money. The health insurance providers are also working hard to try to find ways to add an additional thirty million individuals to their rolls without bankrupting the entire health insurance industry.

There are other health insurance changes that are also occurring because now the health insurance providers are no longer able to cap the lifetime limit of coverage, which will raise the cost of the annual health insurance policy for all clients.

Another portion of the health insurance industry is in dealing with the list of pre-existing conditions that are no longer permitted in this new health care reform. Of course, it will take time to learn of all the changes to the health care delivery system but if the government is turning to Massachusetts for an example, the outlook does not appear to be very optimistic.

Many of the Massachusetts residents left the state when the mandated health care system was put into place. Many small business owners also closed up their stores and relocated in a neighboring state because they were not able to absorb the cost that was being tied to the new health insurance reformation that was over taking the state of Massachusetts.

Part of the difficulty was with the residents who refused to participate in the health care program causing an imbalance of all the health insurance providers and the medical health care physicians. Health insurance providers left the state of Massachusetts and relocated in neighboring states along with the small business owners and those individuals who did not want to participate in the Massachusetts health care.

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