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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for 2014 -3

Aug 30th, 2010

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for 2014 is a lengthy one and it does take some time to weed through the entire section. As you can see from reading how the current health insurance system will drastically change, there is more yet to come.

  • Impose an annual penalty of ninety-five dollars or up to one percent of annual income, whichever is greater, on individuals who do not secure health insurance. This will rise to six hundred ninety-five dollars or 2.5% of annual income by the year of our Lord 2016. This is an individual limit; families have a limit of two thousand eighty-five dollars. Exemptions to this health insurance are with the fine in cases of financial hardship or religious beliefs are permitted.

There are a few arguments that can be raised with this section, over the newly intended health insurance, in defense of us the people. There are, statistically of course, more individuals in the employ of small business owners. After all, small businesses are the backbone of this country and they are scattered throughout.

Will the small business operator limit the size of expansion? Will the small business operator only hire part time employees to skirt this new health insurance law? Only time will reveal what the outcome will be. What will happen to the institution of the traditional family as we have come to understand?

In the face of all these new twists and turns, will this become the death knell? Those individuals who continue to refuse to become involved with this new health insurance overall will now be forced to make a few changes. Will these individuals give in and purchase a government-run health insurance product or will they rebel?

Will husbands and wives become split apart because the family only has enough money to purchase an individual health insurance policy? It may mean that husbands and wives will no longer be able to live under the same roof.

This is not a new system put into effect under the guise of health insurance, it is currently happening under the infamous Social Security Act that was signed into law under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Like Social Security, the new health insurance reform will have the same affect.

A husband and wife have worked all their adult life, but if both partners want to collect the Social Security that was confiscated from their payroll and employer, they must prove they are no longer married. When they decide to remain married, the Social Security benefits, with strict guidelines, can only be collected by the one who made the higher wages.

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