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The Newly Insured

Nov 10th, 2010


Individuals who carry low cost health insurance through an employer will see very few changes in the manner of health care they have learned to expect. Employer sponsored health insurance for many long-time employees is grandfathered in and will continue to remain as it is for the time being.

However, for all the new individuals who are only beginning to enter the world of employment it is a different story. All citizens are now required by law to carry health insurance and those who refuse will face substantial monetary penalties that will increase with each subsequent year.

Every sector of the economy will be forever affected by this new health insurance mandate including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical device manufactures, and distributors, to the medical health care physicians. There is a growing number of medical health care physicians who are considering leaving the medical profession because they are not going to be able to sustain their medical practice.

What no one is discussing is the kind of government control that will be placed on health insurance with every individual. The over-sight that will be carried out through the Internal Revenue Service will be felt by every individual. The new powers the Internal Revenue Service has been given are immense and will have a definite impact on the lives of all citizens.

Every time you need to make an appointment for a physical ailment, your expectations will be diminished when you find you must wait weeks to see anyone. You may not be seeing a medical physician either. Unlike today, the majority of times when you do get in to see a health care professional you will see a physician’s assistant or an osteopathic doctor, but the chances of seeing a medical physician will become less and less.

The new health insurance provision that was signed into law makes no allowances for which a citizen will visit when they make an appointment with a health care provider. Many of the medical physicians will become scarce because they carry a million dollar insurance policy to protect them from lawsuits.

Most medical health care physicians agree they will not be able to continue with the added insurance and will leave the medical health care industry. Yet, rather than keeping the cost for health insurance lower, it will do just the opposite.

Yes, the cost of health insurance for the insured and uninsured will continue to rise and you will receive less assistance. In essence, we will be in the same predicament we are in currently only we will be receiving less help when we require it the most.

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