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Medicare and Health Care Reform

Nov 24th, 2010

health careAre you aware of what is going to happen with Medicare when this new health care reform bill is in full effect? Like everyone, other citizen in the population your medical needs will be limited and much of the prescription medication you are accustomed to will be replaced with another prescription medication that is less costly for the government.

The Internal Revenue Service will scrutinize your medical health care records, as they will do for all citizens, and your health care will be rationed whether you want it to be or not. In essence, what you want and what you are considering will be irrelevant in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service. They will be the ones to dictate to your medical health care provider.

Once the Internal Revenue Service has an opportunity to read your medical health care records that your medical health care physician will be required to send, suggestions to your personal lifestyle and health care will be recommended. Your medical health care physician will not be permitted to treat you until the Internal Revenue Service gives him or her permission.

Those individuals who have a chronic illness that is costing the government hundreds of thousands of dollars will be up for reconsideration and review. Perhaps the Internal Revenue Service will instruct your medical health care physician to devise a less costly health care treatment regiment. What you want or what you may be considering will not be part of the discussion.

Your health insurance provider will be keeping copies of the expenses that are being incurred during the course of the health insurance policy term. Quarterly submission to the Internal Revenue Service is required.  How will you feel when you are refused a given health care service or prescription medication because the government believes they have spent enough money on you?

As with all citizens, you will be given explicit instructions to follow. These concerns will be in the form of exercise, the proper foods to consume, the proper fruit juices and other drinks you will be expected to carry out.  Randomly, individuals will receive an in-home visit by an Internal Revenue Service Agent to see that you are following the directions you were given in regards to your personal health care choices.

The other problem is that you are being told you can keep visiting with the medical health care provider you see now, but that is not necessarily true. Many of the medical health care physicians are leaving the health care industry to practice in foreign countries they believe will treat them better. More individuals are being added to the health insurance rolls with less medical health care physicians to treat patients.


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