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Is Health Care Affordable?

Oct 13th, 2010

health careWe the people hear so much about the health care reform bill that was signed into law, but we still are devoid of most details. Is it that the government does not want us the people to find out all that was put into the health care bill for a few more years? Why is this secret? How many citizens have tried to download the health care bill and try to read the two thousand plus pages?

Has anyone wondered how the health insurance providers are suppose to remain solvent when they are mandated to insure all individuals no matter what their individual illnesses are? How will they have the ability to pay out in claims for those individuals who have pre-existing condition and chronic illnesses and still remain in business?

Although this is all new, there are still many issues remaining that are yet to be addressed. Some of these issues are with citizens with pre-existing conditions, chronic diseases, the need for long-term health care, and the permanently disabled. There is very little being mentioned to these groups of individuals and they need affordable health insurance the most.

Other issues pertain to senior citizens. How much they will be hurt because of this new health care reform bill. The reality is that half a trillion dollars is currently being cut from the Medicare program and this will affect many senior citizens. Will they be denied health insurance coverage for procedures the government decides is too costly, too risky, or unnecessary?

The government has already fallen behind in their deadlines for introducing the new health care reform to the public arena. Parents who are waiting to keep their children on their health insurance policy are very upset.  The new health care reform initiated steps for children from nineteen years of age to twenty-six years to remain on their parent’s health insurance policy, yet it is not happening.

It seems there has been a delay is scheduling the addition of children remaining on their parent’s health insurance policy and the telephone lines to the health insurance providers never stops ringing. The deadline has passed over a month ago and now eligible children are being tossed aside with no new deadline on the current agenda.

The same is holding true for citizens with chronic illnesses and pre-existing conditions. The new health care agenda was to begin offering better health insurance services some time ago and again this is not happening. You have to wonder who is going to be responsible for the medical expenses when someone becomes ill or requires hospitalization.

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