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Health Insurance Cancellation

Dec 29th, 2010

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Sadly, it is human nature to look to eliminate what services are deemed unimportant when times become difficult. Perhaps an individual has been laid off from his or her place of employment with no new employment position in the near future. Health insurance is at the top of the list for elimination. This type of decision includes many factors for individuals and there are other options that can be reduced or eliminated along with the standard low cost health insurance policy.

The cancellation of a health insurance policy applies to those individuals who are carrying low cost health insurance on their own instead of a form of health insurance through an employer. Former employees have thirty days to decide if they want to make the average monthly cost for health insurance through their employer or drop the health insurance in lieu of a more affordable health insurance. However, there are a few issues you may want to consider first.

1.    Consider  a low cost accident and dismemberment indemnity health insurance

2.    Subject yourself to a complete physical examination before dropping your current health insurance policy

3.    Research investment possibilities to help defray some of the future costs of medical health care needs

4.    Keep yourself as physically fit and healthy as possible to reduce unwarranted medical health care costs

5.    Research your local Chamber of Commerce and other open group health insurance plans

6.    Examine your current daily diet and make necessary adjustments to eating healthier foods

7.    Discuss the options open to you before considering cancellation of your current health insurance policy

8.    Understand the importance of carrying some type of health insurance

Recognize that when you decide to cancel your current health insurance policy, you leave yourself and your family members open to possible consequences when they become ill before you are able to purchase another affordable health insurance policy.

Whether you choose to visit with the local medical health care clinics or utilize the local community emergency room for needed services, it will cost you dearly. As an independent individual, you only have yourself to consider, but what happens to those who have families.

Visits with a medical health care provider are a part of life, especially when there are very young children involved. Parents with infants and pre-school aged children have regular monthly visitations with their medical health care physician because of all the required inoculations. This certainly is a time for all individuals to research all their possibilities before cancelling their current affordable health insurance policy.

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