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Health Exchange- Part two

Dec 28th, 2010

health exchange

The government established health insurance exchange would be set up as a very innovative one-stop shopping and information resource for all citizens. This will be another avenue for the individuals to purchase and enroll in the health insurance plan of their choice. The business entrepreneur can also purchase health insurance for their employees through this health exchange too.

1.    Health insurance plan options will be organized by zip codes and entered into a master government run web site for easy maintenance

2.    Each state will find innovative ways for you to receive your health insurance policy even if you do not have access to the internet

3.    An easily accessible format for each individual to compare health insurance policies being offered with a side by side viewing

4.    An easily accessible telephone number for customer service to answer any questions that remain for you

You just have to wonder how you would survive without all the initiatives your government is taking in your behalf to access health insurance so easily. There will also be plenty of government employees to aid you in filling out the health insurance application so that each individual’s health insurance policy will have a designer feel, as it will be explicitly for you.

All of this wonderful and easily accessible health insurance because your government can do a better job of keeping you healthy than you can. It just does not get much better than this, does it?  The new affordable health insurance will help you with many aspects of your health so you will remain healthy longer and continue being employed. Some of the health insurance benefits are.

1.    Comprehensive health care services with a cost sharing benefit

2.    Your out of pocket health care expenses will be limited

3.    Deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance will be cut to the bare minimum making health care services more affordable to you

4.    Out of pocket health care expenses for each individual per year will be no more than $5950.00

5.    Out of pocket health care expenses for each family per years will be no more than $11,900.00

Benefit health insurance plans will be divided among five specific groups for the benefit for all citizens.

1.    Bronze Plan, provides health insurance benefits at a rate of sixty percent

2.    Silver Plan, provides health insurance benefits at a rate of seventy percent

3.    Gold Plan, provides  health insurance benefits at a rate of eighty percent

4.    Platinum Plan, provides  health insurance benefits at a rate of ninety percent

5.    Catastrophic Plan, health insurance for individuals over thirty years of age

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