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Health Exchange – Part One

Dec 27th, 2010

health exchangeThe health insurance exchange is something new that the government has elected to put into affect for those citizens that will find solace. The health insurance exchange center is expected to be in every state for the convenience of the citizens of every state. Though not initially constructed at the moment, it will be fully implemented by January 2014 for all the citizens. This is another step closer to what the government wants, which is the government run single payer system.

When the time comes, each state can choose to operate their health exchange or states can group together and form a multi-state exchange health insurance system. The ultimate purpose of the health insurance exchanges is to make health insurance even more affordable to the citizenry. It will also help to make the purchasing of health insurance by citizens and small business an easier and time-consuming path.

When a citizen resides in a state, which decides not to operate its own health insurance exchange, you as a citizen are free to purchase an affordable health insurance policy in an adjoining state. You will also have the right to purchase a health insurance plan through a regional exchange run of course by a government agency, like the Internal Revenue Service.

Or you can sit back and wait for the Internal Revenue Service to send you a health insurance policy they deem is what you need. Of course, you will also be expected to mail your average monthly cost for health insurance back to the Internal Revenue Service or they will come after you.

It is true that no individual will be sentenced to a jail term for refusing to participate in the government run accessible health insurance policy. The Internal Revenue will instead treat each health insurance case as a tax issue and you are liable to serve jail time when you refuse to pay any government regulated tax, right? The jail time under the tax laws state, you are eligible for a prison sentence beginning with three months.

After the three months of serving jail time, will you still be expected to purchase a health insurance policy? Will you be expected to pay for a health insurance policy the Internal Revenue has chosen for you? If you still refuse to participate, will you then be subject to another three-month term in prison? It does continue to get interesting. The government will also be establishing a consumer operated and oriented health insurance plan, but that will be explained at a later date.

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