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Health Care and Over Crowding

Nov 19th, 2010

health care Currently, emergency rooms at community hospitals in the major cities are perpetually over crowded due to individuals who lack a health insurance policy and are not able to walk into any medical health care physician’s office. At one time, not that long ago, individuals could call and make an appointment with a medical health care physician whether they had a low cost health insurance policy, or no health insurance policy.

Before you leave the medical health care physician’s office, you are asked to pay a fee as a walk-in and you pay the fee. Today you are not even able to get past the receptionist without being affiliated with a health insurance provider. In fact, in most cases this is the first question you are asked before the receptionist will even ask you for your name.

The community hospitals are the last resort for individuals that have no current health insurance provider. Where else are they supposed to go when they become ill? Even the medical health care clinics across the country will refuse access without having that valuable health insurance card from your health insurance provider.

Now with the new health care reform the emergency room will become even more crowded because of the wait times at the medical health care physician. You have been ill before and when you pick up the telephone and call your medical health care provider, you want to make an appointment as soon as possible.

The last thing you want to hear is you can have an appointment for three weeks from next Tuesday, right. You are ill now, at this very moment and must seek the assistance of a medical health care physician immediately. Your next option is to drive to the nearest community hospital and register with the emergency room attendant. Then you take a seat and wait and wait and wait.

The community hospital emergency room will only become more crowded with the passage of this new health care reform because of other issues that are involved. One of the main issues is with the medical health care physicians who are leaving the health care system in droves.

The reason they are leaving is the new rules, laws, regulations, and the twenty-one percent cut in reimbursement payments for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Many of the medical health care physicians are not able to absorb such a reduction. Those medical health care physicians who remain in the system are refusing to take on new Medicaid and Medicare patients. Where does this leave the patients?

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