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Antibiotic Resistance

Dec 28th, 2010

antibiotic resistanceAccording to the medical health care community, an antibiotic resistance is the official resistance to the effects of known antibiotic. This enables the bacteria the medical health care physician is trying to eliminate to continue to thrive and grow under most adverse conditions.

The difficulty the medical health care community is constantly facing is how quickly bacteria will adapt and transform when it is confronted with opposition. Perhaps this is the main reason why bacteria has continued to thrive since the beginning of life forms on our planet. Today the health insurance providers, who are also involved in the limitations of various medications, refer to these changes in bacteria as a mutation.

Individual citizens would be wise to consider a health insurance policy of one grade or another because it is more the unknown that we must protect ourselves from more than what is known. The health insurance providers have recognized that even with a low cost health insurance, most individuals are afforded the help they need when confronted with a bacteria infection or a viral infection.

The health insurance providers are constantly reading the list of medical health care prescription medications to try to rule out the duplication factor that does exist. Medication that will be affordable to the majority of the health insurance providers are usually readily available. The medication that is more specific for disease is left questionable, mainly because of the high cost.

What makes the decision making so difficult is because as bacteria mutates, stronger strains of medical health care prescription medication must be made readily available. This is the dilemma when there is a major outbreak that spans the entire population of the country. The medical health care community has their hands full trying to manufacture enough medication for major outbreaks to cover all citizens and this will take a long time.

The difficulty with antibiotic resistance comes into play when the medical health care community recognizes how the next generation of bacteria carries a higher than normal number of resistant genes or microorganisms. This is the time when the health insurance providers and the medical health care community must learn to adapt to new methods of trying to recreate an antibiotic that will be stronger than the new strain of bacteria and at record speed for the sake of the mass population.

This become a major concern for everyone in the medical health care community as well as with the health insurance providers because it usually takes time before permission is granted through the government agencies for the new strain of bacteria fighting serum to be permitted.

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