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Universal Health Care

May 3rd, 2010

universal health care

Universal health care after you try to read all the information there is on this topic suggests it is not all that it is built up to be. The building blocks for a utopian society, has been tried before and does not hold up. Communal systems do work when there are a small number of individuals participating, but it does not work on a large scale.

Consider close-knit groups like the Amish and the Mennonites who are completely and independently functional. They are each small communities within a much larger community yet they take care of their own without much difficulty. Better, efficient, comprehensive, and affordable health insurance that is equal for everyone works well in a small society.

This will not work well in a larger society simply because although everyone is technically going to receive the same health insurance benefits, only a small portion of the population is actually paying. This discrepancy becomes more pronounced the larger the group or pool of health insurance recipients become. Now you have an unfair balance and the scales can tip very easily.

There are also stipulated regressions that are instilled into the universal health care that seem to favor one group over another and that is never a good measure to utilize. The more important question to ask is why would anyone want to give up the few freedoms we have left? To have a government entity, any government entity dictate to you what health insurance provider you will be assigned to, what medical coverage you will be entitled to, and how much health insurance coverage you will receive is very unsavory.

Another point to consider is as each individual ages, the government will then decide how much additional health insurance coverage you will be entitled to. Why would anyone want to turn over personal decisions to a government who only thinks of you and a number?

Universal health care is nothing more than rationed health care. This will be something the population is not fully aware.  Your government will have the ultimate answer as to how much medical health care you will receive. They will also have the rights to dictate the lifestyle they deem acceptable whether you agree or you do not agree.

Are you sure, this is what you asked for. A much wiser idea is to take a long hard look at the entire health insurance industry and then work to remedy the situation by taking out the waste and creating new, innovative ideas that would be a benefit for all. Investigate who those individuals are that are defrauding the health care industry on all levels.

Another issue to take a closer look at is ridding the industry of all the unnecessary lawsuits that are filed on a daily basis and ultimately costing the industry and all the taxpayers’  exorbitant amounts of money for some small infraction. Do unintended accidents occur in the medical health insurance industry? Of course, there are accidents, but not the amount where the courts are backed up forever. Perhaps a little common sense is in dire need.

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