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Unions and Health Care

Apr 22nd, 2010

health care

All union groups around the country are another target of the new health care provision that has been discussed for a long time. It is surprising that the collective unions are a target because they have pushed and have supported universal health care for years. Yet, now they are finding themselves on the other side of the fence. Is there any logical reason to tax union health insurance benefits?

The only reason why they will be taxed at the rate of forty percent is that the new government run health care legislation dictates a health insurance for an individual can be no more than eight thousand dollars. The health insurance for a family is legislated at no more than thirteen thousand dollars, but there is no mention on the type of coverage each will receive.

Just on, the cost alone it seems that the universal health care cost will become artificially higher than the current insurance policies that are in effect today. Couple this with the forty percent tax because most non-government employees have policies that can be as high as twenty-five thousand dollars for a family health insurance plan. What does this do to the average monthly cost for health insurance?

Remember, you will be paying for health care coverage on an insurance policy that does not begin for another four years and by law you are mandated to continue paying for your current health insurance policy. You just have to stop and think of all the repercussions that will ripple across the country.

1. How many corporations will lay off even more current employees?
2. How many corporations will close their doors completely?
3. How many union employees will stop working all together?
4. How many union employees run the risk of losing everything?
5. How many grocery stores can remain in business?
6. How much higher will food prices rise?

Just do the math on this new universal health care policy. A thirteen thousand dollar government health care plan will cost you thirteen thousand dollars out of pocket each year, but your current health care policy cost twenty-three thousand dollars. Add in the additional forty percent taxes of nine thousand two hundred dollars per years.

The two together equal a grand total of thirty-two thousand two hundred dollars. You have twelve months to pay this, costing you two thousand six hundred eighty-four dollars and thirty-four cents per month for health care you cannot even utilize for four years. Remember, you must pay for this over the next four years before you can begin to use it. Can you afford to continue paying for two health insurance policies?

This will cost every union member with what the government calls a Cadillac health insurance plan for the next four years first and on the fifth year of premium payments, you can begin to use this.  Now whether your employer makes the necessary deductions through payroll or you must write out a monthly check, where do you get the money to pay for this and all other monthly financial obligations?

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