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Uninsured Americans

May 28th, 2010

uninsuredStatistically they say there are about forty million individuals living and working in America today who are uninsured for one reason or another. These statistics may be very true, but there are many reasons why some individuals are without health insurance of any kind.

Most individuals without even low cost health insurance are simply because they are not able to afford it on their own. The entire system was set up on a scheme based on more individuals paying into the health insurance system than there were individuals submitting claims. It should have been noted in the very beginning that this type of system is never sustainable. At some point, the scales are going to tip.

The young adults who are just spreading their wings and moving out of their parent’s home usually have no money to pay for health insurance. There is a very good chance that these same individuals are not employed with an employer who even offers health insurance. What happens is these individuals remain for a number of years without any health insurance and visiting a health care provider when they become ill falls by the wayside.

Most individuals are not in need of medical health care and for a cold, flu, and other minor illnesses there really is no need to run to the nearest medical health care physician anyway. Individuals that have serious illness and chronic health care illness are usually eligible to purchase health insurance through the state health program of their state.

The golden rule of late is to visit your medical health care physician for your annual mammogram, prostate exam, annual flu shot, and other incidentals, but in truth, not everyone pays attention. The health insurance industry does send out flyers, notices and reminders through the networks as do the health care providers, but when did life evolve around the health insurance industry and the health care industry.

Are individuals today really so ill that they must meet with a health care provider on a regular basis, or is it more a sign of the times. What happens to those individuals who have a pre-condition that requires medical health care attention, but there is no medical health care physician that understands the pre-condition?

Whom do you turn when there is no one to help you? There currently are many individuals with pre-conditions that require medical health care attention and end up doing the best they can to take care of themselves instead.

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