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Types of Insurance

May 5th, 2010


How many different types of insurance policies do the average individual and family possess at any given time of their adult life? You would be surprised to find out the answer, yet your health insurance policy will, in most cases, be the most valuable document you will ever own simply because it is intertwined with your personal health. Take a few minutes to think about it and you will come up with the same conclusion.

The type of health care insurance will depend upon what it is you are personally concerned. In most cases, individuals can purchase medical health insurance through a group provider such as an employer, but there are also individual health insurance policies that are usually reserved for the younger individuals in any given population.

The younger you are the easier it is to purchase a medical health insurance policy at a relatively low cost. This is simply because the young in any community are considered statistically to be the healthiest. Other popular insurance policies are the short-term health insurance coverage for those individuals who are in between employment.

1.    Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO

2.    Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO

3.    Health Savings Account, or HSA

4.    Point of Service, or POS

These vary with in depth service depending upon what you are concerned. In one sense, they are relative to the pre-paid health care plans because the coverage for most incidents is very limited. The other downside with these affordable health insurance plans is that the individual must call the insurance provider to discuss many issues of concern.

You the individual, except for certain rare cases will need to acquire permission of sorts from your insurance provider before you can go forward with any decision discussed with your medical physician. This may anger some individuals, but if they took the time to read, understand, and ask questions in the beginning this could have been avoided.

Today you have many individuals with medical health care insurance policies that do not have a clear understanding of what they are covered for and protected. Of course, the insurance providers also take liberty to change, re-arrange, add, and eliminate certain coverage and sending out letters of notification during the course of the year to their subscribers.

This will not help the subscribers to the insurance company’s affordable health insurance for the remainder of the year. However, what it does do is wake these individuals up to pay closer attention in the future.

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