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Tough Times and Health Insurance

Apr 8th, 2010

health insuranceToday’s economic future is saving and preserving health care, as we know it is experiencing dire difficulty. As our fellow citizens continue to lose their employment so goes the health insurance. The purchasing power of the massive public is virtually reduced down to bare knuckles and families are more concerned with putting food on the table, paying necessary bills, and keeping their children in school and safe from harm.

You know, there is a quota for everything and it will be very interesting to find out what the quota is for health care. Families are paying more now into their health insurance packages to a point where many are beginning to drop their policies. Then you have the large group of individuals who are involved with the workplace and when they lose their employment because of the poor economy, they lose their medical insurance too.

The mass population just does not have the money at this time to spend on health insurance or on anything else for that matter. This is the reason why so many businesses are scaling down. As they scale down employees are leaving and the payroll and health care rolls are diminishing by large numbers.

Yes, it is true that there are very low cost health insurance policies and even temporary insurance policies available, but are they really that low cost? When the mass population is losing their employment even health insurance at a lower cost is still much too expensive.

Sadly, many families are losing their homes, their employment, some of their belongings like their cars and resorting back to basics once again. Other families have simply boarded up their homes and walked away and this can be seen in cities and towns in just about every state.

Today we are all in territory that has not been seen in a very long time. The best many families can do is to maintain and hold on to what they already have.  Some will turn to the states for help, but many of the state health insurance programs have stopped taking in new enrollments. Depending upon the status of each family, they will have to make the necessary changes to their current lifestyle in order to maintain, but this is going to be difficult.

When all families have is their home, car, cable television what do they give up to keep health insurance.  There are families today living in their homes with no electric power and no running water because they lacked the money to pay their bills. How important is health insurance to these families.

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