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The Public Option

Oct 1st, 2010

public optionWhat will the public healthcare option mean to the citizenry when it does become part of the fabric of the country? There are many citizens who are opposed to the public option and consider it a threat of freedom of choice. There are other citizens who encourage it be part of the American fabric.

A very large portion of the population have low cost health insurance through their place of employment and seem very satisfied with the health care coverage they are currently receiving. Others within the population are employed, but are not given the option of health insurance coverage.

Is there a reason why everyone must give up the affordable health insurance coverage they already have to be forced to purchase a government-run health insurance policy that will be virtually worthless? What will happen when the government enters the realm of competing against the current health insurance providers?

Let us face the facts that the government always has much more access to monetary funds than any individual or business. This was how it was designed to be so that the government would always have the final word on all issues pertaining to the public. The public option health insurance offered through the government will be offered at a lower rate.

This will obviously cause many of the health insurance providers to lose valuable business. The health insurance provider must price their health insurance policies based on the number of individuals who are enrolled in a program. The government-run health insurance has no reason to be concerned with competition, but the private health insurance provider are concerned.

On the other side, the government –run public option will help many individuals who are currently unable to purchase an affordable health insurance policy for a number of reasons. Individuals who are inflicted with known pre-existing conditions usually have the most difficult time trying to purchase a low cost health insurance.

Many of the current health insurance providers prefer not to offer health insurance coverage. This is usually because of the expense that is attached with many of the pre-existing conditions. However, it will cause many of the health insurance providers to lose clients and that could increase the cost of health insurance even more to the current policyholders.

Small business employers may also stop offering affordable health insurance policies to their employees for the same reasons. Eventually, more individuals will be forced towards the government-run health insurance, which is organized and treated as part of the current Medicare system.

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