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Teachers, Administrators and Health Insurance

Nov 8th, 2010

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The educational system around the country is currently having talks between teachers, unions, and administrators. The basis for these new discussions are evolving around the new health insurance reforms that will soon take effect across the country. Affordable health insurance is of prime importance and has many involved in the school setting nervous.

The union administrators are pushing for the best possible health insurance plans possible to satisfy the regular members, which are the millions of active teachers. The problem is that no one wants to give and take. Everyone still wants what he or she want regardless of the person standing next to him or her.

Labor unions are notorious for making unreasonable demands upon employers of various industries, but with the new health insurance bill that was passed, concessions are a necessary part of moving forward. There are many administrators that are convinced they will soon have to search for a new affordable health insurance provider in order to abide by the new concessions.

There will be many current educational professionals who will also be eligible to purchase a health insurance policy through any one of the government health care exchanges if they are not satisfied with a health insurance provider their union or school district is investing.

The one factor that everyone is forgetting is that having an affordable health insurance policy, whether new or old, still does not guarantee affordable health care coverage. Ultimately, there will be fewer medical health care physicians to attend to the added health insurance rolls.

Hospitals and their respective emergency rooms will remain as crowded as they are today or will become more crowded. Those individuals who require immediate health care needs will find there is a waiting list that can mean a delay of a few weeks before they actually see anyone in the medical field.

Most individuals will probably see a physician’s assistant or an osteopathic doctor rather than a medical health care physician to help see them through the most current health difficulty. How this will all play out is yet to be realized.  The administrators too will have to learn to accept less health care than what they have grown accustomed to in the past.

Another of the health insurance changes will be with accepting higher annual deductibles and high co-payments. Of course, the realizations of the technological changes are also on the menu. In order for the country to contain some of the health care costs, much of the technology we utilize today in the medical health care community will begin to disappear.

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