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Sports Professionals and Private Insurance

Apr 21st, 2010

insuranceThe various sports professionals from horse jockeys to roller derby are slowly moving away from the health insurance pools and turning toward the individual health insurance option. These same sports professionals are finding they require a more comprehensive health insurance plan to see them and their family members through to the years when they will no longer be an active participant.

Especially with professional baseball and professional soccer, this is holding true. Through the health insurance pools these professional sports participants have active health care coverage, but it begins to reduce once they retire from the active listing with the team.

They are all beginning to understand that to try to acquire an affordable health insurance policy after they officially retire from the team the cost for an individual health insurance policy is so expensive even they can barely afford the cost. They require a certain level of health care simply because of all the many injuries they received while they were actively participating. An example of the sports activities we are discussing are:

1. Hockey and Wrestling professionals
2. Baseball and Horse Jockey professionals
3. Football and Soccer professionals
4. Professional Boxers

There are many more sports where the active participant requires lifetime health care, but these are the few that most of the vast populations are familiar. Broken bones and head concussions can and usually do develop into a health care nightmare for the insured and for the health insurance provider. In this respect, many of the sports professionals are turning to an individual health insurance plan to help lower the costs at a later date.

Whenever it is possible, most individuals are much better off to carry their own low cost health insurance policy because the risk of the annual premiums going up by thousands of dollars is pretty slim. Those who waited until after they retired from the sport they love and enjoyed participating with for twenty years or twenty-five years in some cases found it almost next to impossible to afford a health care policy on their own.

Those who sustained very severe medical conditions found them in the predicament of being forced to sell their long time homes in order to keep up with all the medical expense they are now incurring. It really is such a shame that it has to come to this because this is not an easy decision. However, seeing first hand what has happened to the sports professionals who came before, investing in individual health care seems to be the logical choice for now.

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