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Sport Injuries and Health Insurance

Feb 26th, 2010

health insuranceThe conscientious and avid sports participant and others, like coaches, and volunteers are facing enormous difficulty in acquiring affordable health insurance. This is also a problem with many other sports teams across the country.  Baseball teams with more notoriety do well and above all the sponsorship and cash backing which includes all who are paying membership dues into a large pool also do well.

This is actually beneficial for avid sportsmen performing around the country in different venues. The larger the group the more affordable health insurance coverage becomes and again this is a reflection of the numbers game more than the needs of the individual. Through various articles they explain what is covered and what is not, yet they still provide a very comprehensive health insurance policy for the members paying membership dues.

1.               Coverage for medical physician visits and coverage for lab fees

2.               Coverage for family benefits with long-term prescription drugs

3.               Coverage for family benefits for  in-hospital physician services

4.               Coverage for surgeons and anesthesiologist fees

Considering all they offer their members there are two distinct health insurance plans they offer. The first health insurance plan consists of the following requirement for consistent group support.

1.               One thousand three hundred dollars in contributions within a six-month period, but it is based on the number of engagements during the six-month period

2.               Health insurance premiums of thirty-five dollars per month or one hundred five dollars per quarter for individual coverage

3.               Health insurance premiums of one hundred thirty-five dollars per month or four hundred five dollars per quarter for family coverage

4.               Health insurance coverage  is up to and including fifty thousand dollars per illness per family member

5.               Full coverage on all prescription medication

The second comprehensive plan also includes many facets of the low cost medical health insurance through different means which over the many years has proven profitable in medical care for the members and their families.

1.               A requirement of five hundred dollars in team contributions with a six-month period again based on the number of sports engagements during the time period

2.               In addition to all of the above-mentioned items it also covers up to five thousand dollars per illness per family member during the course of the year.

Other related health care items included with the medical health insurance offering are disability insurance coverage, liability insurance coverage, comprehensive pension benefits, coverage for term life insurance benefits, coverage for personal accident insurance, and coverage for cancer protection plans, as well as many other health insurance plans

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