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Signs and Symptoms of ALS – Part Three

Dec 9th, 2010

ALSTreatment for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has recently approved Riluzole as a main means of treatment by the medical health care community. This particular health care prescription medication is beginning to show some promise by slowing down the damage being caused to the motor neurons. This is becoming effective with the release of glutamate, which is a glutamate transporter.
Riluzole, according to the medical health care community, through their research seems to offer a multitude of promising affects of the slowing down and possible stabilization through the use of sodium and calcium channel blockers. The medical health care community describes this particular form of medical health care prescription medication as a survival benefit to the recipient.
The health care providers have demonstrated through their medical health care research that it aids in the extension of time the span of time before an individual patient requires the need for the ventilation support system. One of the more notable side effects that has been discovered by this particular medical health care medication is the damage to the individual’s liver over time with constant use.
Lithium, which is a medical health care prescription medication for the treatment of bipolar disorder, has also shown to be a promising remedy to slow down the progression of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) offering the patient an opportunity to live a quality life just a little longer.
The idea of these different studies and researchers working so diligently for the medical health care community and the health insurance industry is to one-day find a final cure for this deadly disease. It is also the hope of the medical health care community to be able to find a way to finally eradicate this deadly disease and have it be a disease of the past.
The health insurance providers are collectively very excited as to the promising prospects that have recently come about through the hard work of the medical health care community. The medical prescription medication that is currently on the market and recognized through the health insurance providers offers a sense of hope for the individuals suffering with this disease and for the families who are surrounding the individual.
The current prognosis for this debilitating disease is for the medical health community with the help of the health insurance providers and the family caregivers to work together for the benefit of the individual who was diagnosed with this disease. The attempt to continue fighting for the quality of life for all suffers is of utmost importance until such time a final cure is possible.

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