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Shaky Health Insurance

May 7th, 2010

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The health care industry is in major turmoil, but it has been for a few decades. It is only now that the insurance industry has risen to the top and is the focus of attention, but why? They surely have been struggling for a long time, yet they have all been able to manage and get through until now. However, think about all those individuals with health insurance who have had their jobs snuffed out from under them because of the current economy.

Unfortunately, this struggle has escalated over the last ten to twelve years because the local economies and the national economy has not picked up. As more individuals continue to have, their jobs cut back or eliminated altogether, this in turn shrinks the pool of health insurance participants causing the entire health industry to pay out more than what they are taking in through annual premiums.

Now the insurance providers and the individuals who can no longer pay into their health insurance policies are at a crossroad. Insurance companies have increased their annual health care policies to compensate for the years of losses and the individuals are gracefully bowing out leaving the entire country in a dilemma of a downward spiral until a remedy is found. A few of the ideas that are coming to the surface to aid an industry that is failing are:

1.    Choose reputable companies to conduct business

2.    Read your health insurance policy and ask questions

3.    Research for a health plan that has a large network of individuals and medical staff working together

4.    Research the possibility of a higher deductible to lower the average monthly cost for health insurance

The larger part of the difficulty is to have more individuals buy into the insurance program in order to sustain the current standard of health care for all individuals. There will always be a portion of the population that is not privileged to health care, but the mass majority will have access in one form or another.

A portion of the population will gain access through gainful employment.  This has been going on since before the last big war. There are others in the populations that will find aid and comfort through their particular states health insurance plan. The final group of individuals is the young within any community who will forfeit any type of affordable health insurance until they are employed and have a better footing in their future.

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