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Rising Health Care Cost

Nov 29th, 2010

health careThe continued rising cost of health insurance premiums and related health care services remain an unpleasant fact. We just managed to claw our way through months and months of bitter debate all in the name of reducing the cost of annual health insurance policies and the cost of medical health care for the mass population.
Unfortunately, even before the new health care reforms are completely in place, the cost of the health insurance policies and the cost of health care are continuing to rise no matter how much we try to bring the cost down. What is going to happen when the entire health care reform laws, rules, and regulations are in place?
All the rhetoric, all the debating and nothing is changing, or slowing down the bottom line of the health insurance policies and the medical health care physicians. We are being told that once this new health care reform bill is in place the cost for health care and the cost for health insurance will be reduced substantially.
The health insurance providers have already been sending out notices to their insured in an attempt to explain why the cost of their low cost health insurance policy is no longer low cost. What did you expect? The citizens placed requests for lower out of pocket expenses and a reduction in their personal health insurance policies.
Yet, they wanted all individuals with pre-existing conditions to be afforded health insurance in order to afford visits with their local medical health care physicians. In the new health care reform bill, all health insurance providers are mandated to accept individuals with pre-existing conditions and no longer list pre-existing conditions as a reason to turn certain individuals away.
This is going to cost the health insurance providers million of dollars every year just to keep up with the required surgeries, treatments, and rehabilitation that the individual will require. The government is sort of guaranteeing that all citizens are mandated to purchase a health insurance policy, but they also included a passage for those citizens who refuse.
There are certain criteria for fines and penalties against those who chose not to purchase a health insurance policy and this point may be the downfall for the entire health insurance industry. Perhaps this is a back door entrance into what the government has wanted all along and that is the single-payer health care system. If this becomes a reality what will we the people decide?

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