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Private Health Insurance and You

Apr 13th, 2010

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Okay, so you have acquired low cost health insurance through an employer and you are feeling pretty good for the first time in your life, but what about your family members. Your wife, sons, and daughters still have no medical health insurance protection to help them in their time of need. This will not be an easy task for you, but it certainly will be an important task.

Now you find you are spending hours a day trying to research all the different medical health insurance providers to see what insurance plans they offer that will fit the needs of your family. Here you thought your problems were a part of the past, but this is certainly turning out to be one monumental task.

Obviously, you will have to locate an affordable health insurance plan with a high deductible to keep the monthly insurance payments low. However, which insurance plan is the right one. You already are aware that you cannot afford very much and still keep up with the normal monthly bills, so what can you do?

In some ways, it may be easier for you to talk with an insurance agent. The insurance agent has a better handle on the various health insurance providers in your local area and he or she is also very familiar with the various types of health insurance plans. Surely, the insurance agent will have the know how to accommodate your family’s medical needs.

Before you can even discuss your health care needs for your family with an insurance agent, you will have to make a list of what your priorities are.

1.    How much can you afford to pay for the average monthly cost for health insurance

2.    What are the medical needs of your children and your wife

3.    Is your wife pregnant again

4.    Are you and your wife planning to expand your family during the next annual health care policy

5.    Can you afford to consider a high deductible to keep the monthly costs low

These are only a few of the important issues for you and your family to consider before discussing what your needs is with a health insurance agent. Once you have a genuine understanding of what you and your family will require it will not take very long to fill out the health care questionnaire  and attain an worthy  health insurance policy. Just understand that you will need to remain calm and resolute through the entire process.

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