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Prescription Medication for Alzheimers disease

Dec 1st, 2010

alzheimersMedical health care physicians have found, through trial and error there are a few specific medications in the use of Alzheimers disease that performs well for the individual. There are major areas for the medical health care physician to focus attention and that is the behavioral symptoms. The health insurance provider expresses an interest in some cases when a medical prescription drug works better than another prescription medication.
The health insurance providers gather information on various medical prescription drugs and find which prescription works most effectively for the least in monetary cost. The health insurance provider wants to do right by their insured, but they still have to pay attention to the cost factor. The one difficulty the medical health care physician comes across is that one medication does not work on all Alzheimer’s patients. Some of the more popular and effective medical health care medications are:
1. Olanzapine (Zyprexa) which is an atypical antipsychotic medication used for agitation and mild psychosis in Alzheimer’s patients
2. Reminyl (Razadyne) which helps to increase the acetylcholine in the brain and stimulating brain function
3. Mood stabilizing prescription medications which are on the rise
4. Rivastigmine (Exelon) which is a known inhibitor but not yet a cure
5. Donepezil (Aricept) which is still one of the more popular health care treatment medications
6. Namenda is utilized by the medical health care physician for moderate to severe Alzheimer’ disease
The health insurance providers keep a list of the variety of medical health care prescriptions and try to work with the medical health care community. The entire premise is the more professional individuals who are working towards an end to this debilitating and deadly disease the better.
All those family members who stood faithfully by and watched one or both parents slip away into a sea of darkness understands the deep pain it leaves behind. Anything the medical health care community and the health insurance providers can do to put an end to this disease would be welcomed relief and spare those of the future from suffering.
There are many medical scientists working within the medical health care community currently researching better means and procedures to reverse or possibly halt this devastating disease before it even has an opportunity to take hold of an individual. There is much hope on the horizon and this will make the health insurance providers happy too because this disease is also very expensive because of the long-term care that is involved.

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