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Premium Players and Insurance Policies

Jan 29th, 2010

insuranceThe University of South California is in possession of one of the most highly insured college football teams around for a very long time. A majority of the football pros insured through a sports health insurance package offer well over ten million dollars worth of medical and catastrophic coverage.

There are also a number of other very popular football players that are also in the process of obtaining the best, most comprehensive insurance policy to cover themselves in case of injury and for unforeseen catastrophic injuries should they sustain any in the future due to the sport of football.

However, this quest is easier to speak than do because while they are searching for affordable health insurance to compensate them and their families later in life due to a major injury these insurance policies are anything but affordable. In today’s climate medical insurance has become a necessary part of playing football even on the college level.

In most cases these very expensive medical insurance policies are for the catastrophic life-long injuries that will prevent a popular sports figure from ever indulging in his preferred sport of choice again. However, when the individual becomes married and begins to start a family this very valuable individual health insurance policy will also extend to protect the family members through the payout.

Any Heisman trophy winner is a definite candidate for these power rolling ten million dollar insurance policies to provide lifelong protection and a guaranteed income, granted limited, for the future of the individual.

Many of these insurance policies are not direct, but indirect through an underwriter, but the effect and power it carries is still very much the same. This phenomenon has grown tremendously over the years and is as popular with the popular football player on the college level as it has definitely become on the professional level.

This is explainable nicely when they comment on how today these very pricey health care insurance policies are as important to the various football players as their made to fit helmets, specialized mouth guards, and specially padded shoulder pads made to order for each and every individual.

Just how this will all play out in the future is uncertain, because there can come a time when a particular popular player becomes so expensive to draft into a professional team that some may want to rethink this procedure.

There are other teams that are reaching the twenty million dollar range and that may be a good thing for the individual player, but what will happen to other professional football players who are not ready to afford such a luxurious insurance policy.

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