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Pre-existing Condition – Pregnancy

Oct 29th, 2010

pre-existing conditionIs there a major reason why the health insurance providers consider pregnancy as a pre-existing condition? The most natural function to insure the future population is in danger of being pushed out of the health insurance industry. The costs for delivery, of a natural birth or a Caesarean section, are considered unnatural by the health insurance provider as well as a catastrophic expense.

The health insurance providers frown upon having to pay large sums of money out to the medical health care providers. In some ways, this is not anything new. This has been part of the health insurance provider’s rules for decades. The difficulty today is that it has moved to the head of the line in the list of current pre-existing conditions.

Many women in childbearing years today are finding it very difficult to acquire even low cost health insurance if they had a Caesarean section in the past. Once a woman submits to a Caesarean section, the option for a natural delivery is very rare. In most cases, the woman and her medical health care physician will agree to a repeat surgery for the delivery of a second child.

While many health insurance providers will deny coverage for any pre-existing condition, others will permit coverage, but at a very high premium. This does not imply that women are exempt from acquiring an affordable health insurance policy. This only suggests that should the woman become pregnant and require a Caesarean section; the health insurance provider is exempt from all expenses relating to the particular procedure.

All pre-existing medical health care decisions are formed not with the medical health care physician, but with the health insurance provider. Considering that there has been an unnatural rise of about thirty percent in Caesarean sections over the past few years, this is becoming very costly. This is usually not a one-time surgery, but the beginning of multiple surgeries that the health insurance provider is unable to sustain.

Unfortunately, many families who decide to go forward with the Caesarean section in lieu of a natural birth option will find they must also pick up the price tag.  This is also curtailing the number of children couples are deciding. Caesarean sections are an important option for women who have other medical difficulties.

The problem is that many women and medical health care physicians prefer this because everyone concerned can agree upon a specific date instead of letting nature run its natural course.

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