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Obesity Treatment and Health Insurance

Jul 13th, 2010

health insuranceThe state of obesity whether with concerns regarding children or concerning adults seems to be taking center stage on the national realm? There is a number of health care issues that stem from obesity, but that is not a hard and fast rule.
Obesity has been brought up in conversation with medical health care physicians, but this still does not apply to everyone. Now there are discussions regarding the elimination of salt because salt has been found to play a role in so many adults having high blood pressure.

The health insurance providers and the medical health care community is still remaining undecided as to the outcome, but there are still others who wish to make a statement. Sugar is another item that some want to regulate and monitor because children are consuming far too much in the form of candy, soda, chocolate drinks, and fast food items according to health insurance providers.

You have to wonder where these children are getting the money to purchase all these items in the first place. Maybe when parents decide it is time to be parents again, the health insurance providers will begin to see marked changes in the over weight status of today’s children.

The other factor that the medical health care physicians have brought out is that children today are unable to go outside and play the way children of the past did. When children are unable to play outside because it is no longer safe then they are confined to indoor activities and there just is not enough room in a home for young children to burn off all that energy.

The health insurance provider recommend taking your child to a park or have them become involved in a school sanctioned sport, but that does not seem to be working as well either. Heart disease and diabetes are the two main health insurance risks that those individuals who are obese face, yet at the same time not everyone suffers any of this and have been obese all their lives.

Parents need to stop giving their children money to buy all the junk food they buy by saying “no” and considering the health insurance risks. Parents today are much too lenient and give in to the whims of their children because they want to be their friend instead of being their parent.

Children need guidance and structure to succeed and parents are on the front lines to set the example for the sake of their children. When the change occurs, the health providers and the medical health community will begin to see new statistics.


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