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No Longer Insurance Eligible

Jun 15th, 2010

insuranceHow many years have you been with the same health insurance provider? Does it correspond with how long you have been with your current employer? After so many years of having your health insurance premiums deducted through your payroll, are you now receiving a letter explaining why you are being canceled? Are you confused? Were you expecting this to happen even though you have not submitted a health insurance claim?

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do because the health insurance will notify your employer and your employer will cease paying even the most affordable health insurance plan because on your sixty-fifth birthday you are automatically switched over to a government health insurance plan.

Not everyone is happy with this decision, as it seems rather archaic in nature when there are many good, reputable low cost health insurance providers ready to write a health insurance policy to meet your particular growing needs. You have to wonder why you are not offered a choice.

What happens when you are in a position of paying for your own affordable health insurance plan?  Is there any reason why this option is not available to you?  Granted, not everyone is in this position, but when you are, the current health insurance provider will work with you.

Your average monthly cost for health insurance may even increase because your annual health insurance policy is now placed in your hands. This is a choice that needs to be afforded to everyone instead of only the government run health care system, which does not work as efficiently as the private health insurance does.

The sad facts are when you subscribe to any type of health insurance that depends on more individuals paying into the system than taking from the health insurance system you have a problem waiting to happen. What happens when there are less people paying in because the population as a whole has diminished?

Would it not be better if there were reasonable options left for those individuals who reach the age of sixty-five rather to force everyone into a system that is no longer efficient run? There are many in the health care profession that see first hand how broken the system is and yet there is not much they are able to offer.

Maybe a more efficient way to operate health care in the future is for the health care providers and the health insurers to get together and work out a more feasible option that would benefit everyone whether sixty-five or not. Individuals who are facing health care issues need a better option to see them through. Yet, there are many other individuals who are sixty-five and older who have very few health care related issues and continue to remain healthy.

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