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Mental Illness Medical Reforms

Dec 3rd, 2010

mental illnessMental illness is one malady that has been around since the beginning of time and taken many journeys through many populations. Yet, it is the one illness that seems to have stumped the medical health care community since the inception of medical practice. There are millions of individuals who suffer from one form or another, about mental illness and these individuals are treated the same today as they have been treated in the past.
Will there be new and innovative health care techniques for treating the age-old disease of Diabetes? Though the medical health care physicians and the community as a whole have come together and brought about amazing changes, there is still so much yet to be discovered. Will it happen under this new health care reform bill?
These long-term diseases have caused the health insurance providers to back away and at times limit what coverage is permitted and what coverage must come out of the individuals pocket. This can become very costly and force individuals to make decisions they would not otherwise make.
We also have to concern society with the needs of patients who require long-term health care. This will also require intensive research in medical health care prescription drugs that are adequate for the patient to help offer a better quality of life. This is where the medical health care community can work diligently with the health insurance providers so that everyone is on the same page.
What good does it do to create a particular medication that has so many hidden side effects that it causes more harm than it does to provide good? The health insurance providers do have a point when they refuse to offer health insurance coverage for certain medications that the medical health care community is pushing.
Then there are the pharmaceutical corporations where the bulk of the research and studies continue even today. The health care medications they are studying today are for the long-term future. Many medications we have today were created and researched yesterday because it takes time before a product is delivered to the mass public for consumption. Will these studies continue in the future?
Will medical illness finally be a part of the past because the health insurance providers, the medical health care communities, and the pharmaceutical corporations will begin to work in unison for the betterment of all people? Some studies have continued for decades with very little results, or so we are led to believe. Could it be that by continuing with studies it is construed as job security?

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