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Medicare and Humanity

Apr 26th, 2010

medicarePerhaps it depends upon which side of the fence an individual is on these days as to the position of views they deem important. Health care is just as important an issue as health insurance, but the path used to justify the end result may be a very upsetting and rocky one.

Today there are approximately forty million individuals enrolled into the Medicare health care system. Have you ever wondered why there must be such a divide in both the health care delivery system and the health insurance helping to provide the service? When an individual or family for that matter is enrolled with a specific health insurance policy for many years, why does it have to end when an individual turns sixty-five years of age?

Are individuals given the choice of remaining with their current health insurance provider? Are individuals forced to change the health insurance provider to one who handles Medicare? What happens if an individual wants no part of neither? Not every individual who reaches the age of sixty-five has health care issues that are monumental. Many individuals go through their entire lives and rarely make an appointment with a medical physician.

When individuals are fairly healthy throughout their lives why then are they not allowed by law to remain with the health insurance provider they have come to depend upon over the many years? Does anyone realize that Medicare is another government run health insurance program that is going broke? Everyone discusses fraud in the Medicare system, yet nothing is ever done about it.

Is it right for any individual who is forced into the Medicare health care system feel obligated to hide their money? Is it right when an individual with hundreds of thousands of dollars to have all financial assets transferred over to a son, daughter, or trusted friend long before they are obliged to enter the Medicare health care system? This may be wrong, but this is exactly what many senior citizens find them doing.

Years ago as one reached an age, not necessarily sixty-five, when they could no longer sustain themselves and their health was failing what was expected. The first choice was to liquidate all assets and to move in with a family member for the remainder of their lives. Today you have elderly parents and grandparents who are demanding their children to sustain them while they remain in their own homes. Would it not be better to offer all citizens a choice of what they want?

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