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Medical Billing Errors

Jun 4th, 2010

medical billing errorsMedical billing errors when it pertains to the health insurance claims that are submitted cause much money to be paid needlessly. The original idea was suppose to help relieve the patients of undue worry as they visited their family medical physician under the terms of their current low cost health insurance.

There are any numbers of reasons why medical health insurance billing errors occur and most of the incidents are genuine errors that are seldom caught. However, there are other contributing factors as to why some patients will not point out the error even when they come across them.

There are times when an individual has an appointment with their medical health care physician and when it comes time to pay, the medical health care provider gives an amount. In general, this amount takes into consideration any money previously paid in the current year and applies the patient’s deductible.

The patient pays the amount of money owed toward their deductible and proceeds to go home. Weeks later, the patient will receive a statement through the mail from the health care provider stating they over paid. Calling the medical health care physician’s office the patient is told they must call another long distance number for a refund of the amount over paid.

The patient is told all billing records are kept in another office in another state. The patient tries to call and speak to a representative, but they want so much information that it becomes impossible to continue the conversation. Calling your low cost health insurance provider, you receive the same run around.

By the time, you get off the telephone you are even more frustrated because you realize that your health insurance provider, your medical health care physician, nor the new offices where your medical health care records are kept want to help you. Okay, so you are out the money for now.

The best thing you can do at this point is to keep the last invoice in a very safe place for the next time you have an appointment with your medical health care physician. Regardless of the dollar amount, they say you now owe for the new appointment you deduct what they have owed you and pay the difference. When they question you, show them the previous statement you received logging the date and time of the telephone calls.

Many patients who visit with a medical health care provider are one time visits. Sadly, under these circumstances they will never see their refund, so you see medical errors can work both ways.

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