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Medicaid Health Insurance

Dec 14th, 2010

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Medicaid is a government-run health insurance that is deliverable to all individuals with children who qualify. Though the government is the overseer of Medicaid health insurance, the bulk of the responsibility remains with the individual states of the union. There are specific rules, laws, and regulations as to who qualifies and who does not qualify for Medicaid health insurance.
In most cases, any individual with a child or children who fall under the government poverty line requirements will qualify for Medicaid health insurance coverage. This is a low-cost health insurance that is specifically designed to provide health insurance coverage to individuals who qualify based on age, residency, citizenship, legal status, income level, and family size.
Those individuals who qualify for Medicaid health insurance will often become discouraged because the time it takes from the initial application until you are finally covered can stretch from weeks to months depending upon your health care needs. For so many individuals and families this is a most difficult time in their lives, but like everyone else, they must find ways to get through.
Health insurance in one form or another is out there and available to every individual, it just takes time to research what is best for your situation. The health insurance providers understand as well as the medical health care community that Medicaid is a necessary health insurance for many. All children need to have the necessary inoculations and preventive care.
This is one avenue for mothers and fathers to see that their children are being well provided for about health care. After all, the children of today are the future of tomorrow. There are a few pieces of documentation you will need to present to the health insurance provider for verification.
1. Proof of age, and identity which a birth certificate would accomplish
2. Proof of citizenship and or immigration status
3. Proof of residency, income, and resources
4. Time and patience
In most states, you will be required to submit updated information every six months to your health insurance provider. This will help to keep all the health care records up to date and rule out the opportunity for fraud. Medical health insurance through Medicaid also involves a few of the elderly population. This too creates a heavy burden on all the states in the union because the health insurance burden is mainly on their shoulders. The government does reimburse a portion of the health insurance expenses, but the burden remains with the states.

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