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Managing Health Care Costs

May 31st, 2010

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How do you manage your health care costs when you are short on financial funding month to month? How are you able to pay for health insurance when you no longer have the finances you once had? You were employed for the last sixteen years and now you find that you are unemployed and unemployment benefits are of no help to see you through this difficult period of time.

Your entire life and that of your family are being turned up side down. Health insurance provisions are the furthest from your mind right now because there are important issues facing you. Unemployment benefits are not enough to make the car payment, keep the utilities turned on, pay the mortgage, and put food on the table. Now you are expected to be concerned about the loss of your employer-backed health insurance.

Well, actually, there are other ways to manage your health care costs, but of course, this is contingent on if you have any money to spare. You can try to look into a temporary medical health insurance plan, but if that is out of the question you can try applying through your state until you can find employment.

The state health insurance provisions will be very beneficial when you have young children or if you are a woman who is pregnant. There are various programs that will allow you to enroll and participate in the health care program while you are unemployed and still receive adequate health care.

There is a certain process that you must follow and there is the necessary paperwork that must be filled out, verified, and submitted before you can officially be on the state health insurance program, but most states do offer provisions to help those in need when they require.

Women, especially single women who find they are pregnant will have an uphill battle to fight for health insurance and is also the reason why many women even today will give birth to their child in the home and find the will and the strength to survive the ordeal along with the survival of their newborn child.

Unfortunately, there are not clear and precise statistics on this particular issue because when these women give birth in the home anything can happen. When you do not have the money to pay for anything, being offered low cost health insurance coverage does no good. By the time, the new mother tries to register her newborn with the state of record; the newborn is usually a few months old.

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