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Maintaining Health Insurance

Jul 23rd, 2010

health insuranceThough many individuals and families do have affordable health insurance coverage, the numbers do fluctuate from time to time as those who are employed either change their place of employment or find they are unemployed. The way the entire system was set up many years ago was that when an individual was in between employment they had no low cost health insurance except for the first thirty days after they stopped being employed.

Other individuals are children who had health insurance coverage, but now are old enough to purchase a low cost health insurance policy of their own. The current laws only allow a child to remain on their parent’s health insurance policy until they reach the age of nineteen. With the new health insurance bill that was recently passed though, even that is about to change.

Children will be permitted to remain on their parent’s health insurance policy until the age of either twenty-six years old or twenty-seven years old. Of course, there is no mention if those same children change their status and become married. There is also very little mention of what happens when your children decide to move across the country to another state.

The important message is for everyone to maintain a health insurance policy regardless if he or she is able to afford medical health care assistance or not. Okay, so now the government is mandating that it is a requirement if you want to be a citizen to own and maintain a health insurance policy. Whom does this help if you must now pay for a health insurance policy?

Is this the new health insurance policy that you are mandated to pay for, any good to you? Where will you get the necessary monetary funds to pay for your medical health care needs and the medical prescriptions that you so desperately need? At least the government and the health insurance providers will be happy because this is the insurance they have all needed so they can remain a viable business.

Where does this leave you and your family? Yet, this was all designed to afford health insurance coverage as a pre-requisite to being a citizen and yet there will still be millions of citizens who remain without any health insurance coverage. How can this be?

What will you be mandated to relinquish in order to have the necessary funds to continue paying for the average monthly cost for health insurance that you will never have the opportunity to use?

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