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Low or High Deductible

Jun 2nd, 2010


How many individuals and families have wondered which one is the better path to follow? Their personal medical health insurance requirements are considered average and there are no chronic illnesses at the moment. Many individuals and families automatically opt for the higher deductible because this is what they hear from friends, family members and their medical physician.

However, in some cases the low deductible will work just as efficiently. Of course, this is mainly for the healthier within any given community. Those individuals who visit with their family health care medical physician for the annual physical and really not much else, then the low deductible is more efficient when you weigh it against the cost of the low cost health insurance policy you are enrolled.

You will have to make the time to read your health insurance policy to find the loopholes, which will exclude certain health care medical exercises. As  you continue to read through the fine print of your health insurance policy you will soon begin to understand what you are covered for and those items which are eliminated to help keep the cost down.

Then you will have to consider the injuries that are indigenous to the amateur sports or professional sports you are currently involved. Depending on the sports, activity you choose to participate it will determine if you can afford a high deductible or a low deductible.

If you become seriously injured, will your health care provider be able to help you keep the cost down? Will you be expected to pay five thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars and more when surgery becomes part of the equation? Have you given any thought about what you will do should these basic fears become a reality?

Perhaps under these types of conditions your low cost health insurance is working against you rather than with you. When you really begin to weigh the pros and cons, you might find that the high deductible health insurance coverage is a better choice. The reason is that many times with higher than usual deductibles you will be asked to pay a very small percentage of the cost.

Many of the affordable health insurance providers are willing to offer you more in depth health care coverage when you agree to a higher deductible. This is simply because you are willing to absorb a larger portion of the total medical bill when you are incapacitated for a period of time. This is a personal issue to be dealt with depending upon the health care needs of the individual and the sport participation of choice.

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