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Ivy Leagues and Health Insurance

Feb 15th, 2010

health insuranceMany of the baseball teams today are struggling more than they have in a very long time and even acquiring affordable health insurance in on the agenda. Of course the newer team additions have only experienced the good times and they are the ones struggling more today. However patience with the growing trend will pay off at a later date when the economy begins to pick up again.

However, help is coming, slowly at first, but then it will begin to pick up speed. The way the legislature are writing laws through many of the State Legislatures, nationally as well, are currently in the wings of changing.  Whether an individual is a sport professional, a sport amateur, or a sports advocate, working for such large corporations enrolls the individuals into a very productive and prominent low cost health insurance plan.

The independent sports professional who is fortunate enough to afford health insurance is unable to deduct those payments annually through the Internal Revenue Form 1040. This is researchable through other avenues for further details on how this operates.

This is beginning to change because of the large numbers of employed sports team professionals. In a sense it is beginning to become a small business operation in its own right. Regardless that there is a league effort in this, each team under the banner of the league is its own well run business.

The ability for this new type of small business to operate is to now deduct medical health insurance premium expense from the annual taxes paid. This is a big step in the right direction for the thousand of sports professionals around the area. The baseball teams and leagues really have come a very long way.

Of course the main problem with this goes back to affordability of the health insurance plans. Many sports professionals in baseball are still are unable to locate an individual health insurance plan for themselves and their family members.

The annual fees have risen so high, so fast; it became impossible for these creative individuals to continue with the expense. With hopes on the horizon most want to continue with medical health insurance coverage for themselves and their families but there comes a point when one must admit enough is enough and drop the policy.

Not to worry though, because through all the struggles the many teams are experiencing they will survive and come out okay in time. Sometimes it is more of a matter of restructuring than it is the intake and outflow of money. They will also learn to pay closer attention to any contracts they sign and learning to become savvier is an experience that will remain with all the members for a long time.

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