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Individual Health Insurance

Mar 25th, 2010

individual health insurance

Individual health insurance today is almost impossible to find if you are searching for an affordable health insurance policy. For obvious reasons the two do not go together because there is virtually nothing to compare. The one key factor that all insurance providers look for is a way to compare one individual’s health care needs with another and that is just impossible with an individual health insurance policy.

The majority of recipients in search of an individual health insurance policy are those who have reached the age of nineteen and have no plans on attending college when the new school year begins. Children between nineteen years of age and twenty-one years of age have the choice of remaining on their parent’s health insurance policy providing they are attending college on a full time basis. Proof of this must also be given or sent to the health insurer as well.

However, once a child becomes an official student they are also eligible to enroll in a student health insurance plan provided through the college of their choice. These health insurance plans are relatively inexpensive, but that is because they only offer limited health care coverage. Yet, many students do register for this type of health care coverage, especially those who are interested in any one of the sports programs offered through the college.

Be aware though that if you have any one of hundreds of known pre-conditions you will be denied coverage of any kind so that may present a problem. The best thing you can do is to talk with a variety of health care insurers to see if they can help you. When you think you have exhausted all avenues you might want to talk with a local insurance agent.

The insurance agent is the one who conducts business with a multitude of insurance carriers in exchange for a percentage payment. The percentage agreed upon between the insured and the health insurance agent varies, but most pay between eight percent per person, per health insurance policy, to twelve and fifteen percent per person, per health insurance policy.

If you are in search of a low cost health insurance policy, you might want to re-think what you are searching. Medical health care for individuals has always been a difficult process and a very expensive one. Many times the insurance agent will be your best friend and if you do have one or more pre-conditions, you may have to agree to a few concessions. One of those concessions will be a waiting period of up to eighteen months in some cases before you can receive coverage.

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