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Health Risks in Baseball

Jun 3rd, 2010

health risksThere are a few medical practitioners who consult with the health insurance industry about the pros and cons of health risks of their top baseball players. There are some who believe that through education, training and an improved diet the super athlete can build up his body from the inside out. This is a theory for improving the internal expectations of all professional sports participants, but although this will help, it certainly is not a cure all.

The more pronounced a professional sport becomes the heavier and bulkier they become. This in turn causes the body to play havoc and eventually it will all catch up and begin to cause health insurance difficulties. Some afflictions will be minor of course, but then there are other ailments that will become permanent in later life.

These professional sports players will find that their affordable health insurance is not as affordable as their lifestyle begins to catch up and arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and other maladies begin to surface.

The health insurance industry has also been taking note of the increased usage of steroids among baseball, football and other sports participants as they began to grow older. The breakdown of the body is immense and the seriousness of other diseases begins to surface causing even more untold damage.

Within the professional baseball community, health insurance statics are beginning to show that home-run batters are especially susceptible to physical health care breakdowns because of the heavy use of steroids. Diseases of all kinds become more predominant the more weight the professional baseball players add. This in itself can become a death threat and a death sentence later in life. Common diseases such as:

1.    Strokes and high blood pressure

2.    Osteo-arthritis and fibromyalgia

3.    Cancer in various forms

4.    Coronary heart disease and diabetes

The professional sports participant along with his medical physician will soon realize how quickly the need for more health care begins to move into first place. Over time the professional sports participant will also find that his average monthly cost for health insurance will increase substantially with each passing year.

All this knowledge proven to be fairly accurate and yet getting the word out to the various sports participants, especially the super sports figures is another problem. Over time, perhaps both will receive the right health care information that will trigger a more positive lifestyle. This is just another issue for the health insurance industry to pass along to each individual who is under subscription.

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