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Health Reform Bill Signature Requirement

Oct 11th, 2010

health reformOne of the signature requirements of the new health reform bill points to all the health insurance providers. They are collectively to begin indiscriminate health insurance coverage to all children with chronic diseases and pre-existing conditions without delay. It was written into law that ninety days after the signing of the new health insurance bill coverage for children with these specific conditions would be automatically covered.

There is just once little snag to the execution of the new mandate and it falls with the health insurance providers and government because there is little to no funding available to allow this to take place. Health care diseases and disorders such as:

1. Asthma and childhood diabetes
2. Variety of birth defects and cystic fibrosis
3. Orthopedic problems and leukemia
4. Muscular dystrophy, sickle cell disease, and more

The health insurance providers are spending their days listening to the perpetual telephone ring and the email box is flooded. Parents of children with special needs are livid as they are being handed feeble excuses at best or ignored. The government agencies are doing their best to ignore this health care dilemma because there is barely enough monetary funding to help a small portion of all the children in need.

This is an obvious oversight on the part of the lawmakers who wrote the health care reform bill and issued very vague terminology as to when and how the health insurance providers were to include all children. The health insurance providers insist that in accordance to the new health care reform bill they have some leniency until the year 2014 to re-establish new terms to their affordable health insurance policies.

One could say there remain a few glitches in the new health care reform, but who is being hurt in the process? Once again, it is our children who are pushed aside and left to flounder in a sea of uncertainty. Mothers and Fathers who were finally offered a small morsel of possibility had it wiped away just as quickly.

Where do parents turn now for help with their children’s medical needs when the expense continues to rise out of control? The average monthly cost for health insurance is causing great concern for many families. There will be a time in the near future when more families will be forced to go without health insurance coverage because the cost is greater than their income can withstand. Where does this leave the children?


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