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Health Insurance Black Listing

Jun 25th, 2010

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Health insurance black listing comes into play for those individuals who are trying to purchase health insurance and have one or more pre-conditions. Pre-existing conditions are the tool the health insurance industry uses to refuse health insurance to any individual they choose. The difficulty is that no one really knows what a pre-existing condition is because the list keeps changing depending on what is currently the focus of attention.

Think about it. The list of pre-existing conditions runs about three pages long on average and it keeps changing every time you try to find out what is on the list. This is manipulative on the part of the health insurance industry, but it is one of the ways the health insurance providers have to protect their interests and remain in business.

1. Chronic heart ailments
2. Diabetes and gallstones
3. Rheumatoid arthritis, anti-psychotic
4. Sleep disorders and asthma
5. Severe acne and rare medical health care issues

Now, pre-existing conditions do not mean you are unable to acquire a health insurance policy, but it will be difficult and usually have restrictions attached. More of the current population is becoming aware of this difficulty as they lose their employment and try to purchase a health insurance policy on their own.

Those individuals who are able to purchase a health insurance policy immediately after leaving their place of employment stand a better chance of continuous medical health coverage. Those with pre-existing conditions who wait six months or longer before trying to acquire a health insurance policy will find their pre-existing ailment is subject to exclusion.

The exclusion could be from a period of twelve months and up to eighteen months according to the discretion of the health insurance provider. Okay, and what are you supposed to do for the next year to year and a half without any medical health care attention for the affliction you need assistance with the most? Are you now forced to pay out of pocket for all of your expenses? What happens when you are not able to afford the cost and have little to no access to ready cash?

This, unfortunately, is a medical health care crisis that many individuals are forced to face while they are trying to wait out the time limit. You are managing to pay your average monthly cost for health insurance, but this is of no comfort to you because you are unable to utilize access for medical health care that you so desperately need.

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