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Health Insurance and Professionals

Apr 19th, 2010

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The majority of insurance coverage provided for college sports such as football and the professional teams cover catastrophic injuries and life sustaining injuries leaving out the normal day-to-day activities. Granted this is neither easily attainable nor is it affordable health insurance. The reality is this specialized insurance can get very expensive for the individual professional unless they are with a reputable team.

There are a number of college football players today and professional football players all trying to do the same thing and have the ability to not only afford the extra health insurance but to sustain it for those years they will no longer be playing. In most cases, they also search for a catastrophic health care insurance policy.

As these same individuals begin to age they run the risk of losing all they worked so hard for because of an injury that comes back to haunt them and this can become very costly. It has happened to many other football professionals in the past to the point they lost everything including their homes. Let us face the facts here, because no one wants this to happen to them.

Some professional football players will eventually end up in a nursing home because of their injuries and without adequate insurance coverage the chance of receiving good health care is very slim. How sad to spend the end of your life in this capacity when you were right out in front and on television almost every week during the football season.

It is for these reasons why sustaining the best possible health insurance is so important when you are just beginning. Unlike your car, health insurance remains with you throughout your life and it is there to help you when you require the need.

The difficulty is with the life choices and because you chose football, your insurance premiums are going to be higher simply because you are placing yourself in a high-risk area. Other sports related incidents covered under these specialized health insurance policies are:

1. Travel accidents to and from a sports event
2. Indemnity coverage in the event of a death
3. Double dismemberment incidents
4. Indemnity health care coverage up to fifty percent
5. Medical injuries as a result of a sports event

Those individuals who decide to try professional sports as their permanent livelihood soon find it is more of a life-long commitment and not just a game. Those who do succeed become extremely dedicated and do purchase as much health insurance coverage as they can afford because they are fully aware of the consequences.

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