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Health Insurance and Ethics

Mar 10th, 2010

health insuranceDoes it really matter that much as to which sports adventure the health insurance company decides to accept or reject? There are pros and cons to every facet in life and the various sports activities are no exception. Most sports professionals, whether baseball, tennis, rock climbing, roller skating, snow boarding, fencing, football, well you get the idea. All members of sports teams find it very difficult and find medical health insurance methods to vague for statistically studies.

The insurance companies do run a sort of numbers game and some will even admit to it, but how else can they ever expect to remain in business. Obtaining good comprehensive medical insurance is difficult for the average individual. Can you even begin to understand what it is like for the professional sports participants?

Insurance is a big business and like all businesses they have plans and they have projections for the potential outcomes. They must always consider all factors when offering any group of individuals an affordable health insurance policy.  The status of the individual, like sports participants sometimes get in the way as do other at risk positions like oil rigging which makes it very understandable.

What they look at is how at risk an individual or a particular group of individuals is before offering any type of medical health care coverage. Insurance companies frown upon risky occupations and then the individual sports participant, applying for medical health care insurance will receive insurance coverage at an outrageous price.

The price tag that goes with this medical coverage is a deliberate attempt to discourage not the individual, but the lifestyle or position of choice the individual chooses to live. This is dictating how a person will live out their life and so individuals without affordable health insurance coverage sometimes fall into this valley of abyss.

When pre conditions are involved, this represents a difficulty in obtaining low cost health insurance coverage simply because there is always a waiting period unless the individual had insurance coverage that is not in danger of lapsing. Short of this, the waiting period varies from six months to eighteen months depending on the particular malady.

One important fact to keep in mind is that the health insurance companies continuously update what they consider to be a precondition and it does become a bit tricky. An individual can have a precondition not brought to the attention of a medical physician. In this case, the individual will receive an insurance policy without a hitch. If an individual has a precondition and is currently under treatment without a prior health insurance policy, they will face a waiting period.

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