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Health Insurance and Deaths

Jul 12th, 2010

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health insuranceThose individuals who are employed and have access to affordable health insurance are the fortunate individuals in society. Other individuals have low-cost health insurance through Medicare and then there is Medicaid for the less fortunate. These individuals will have basic health insurance coverage at best and when there are, children involved the state steps into the picture.

Every state has a Medicaid low-cost health insurance plan that for some individuals is applied for on a sliding scale operation. Why then are there well over seventeen thousand children without any type of health insurance coverage? Children are dying at an alarming rate because of the lack of health insurance and this should not be happening.

The parent’s responsibility is to protect their children and they can fill out a health insurance application through the state and receive health insurance coverage that is appropriate for the children to receive all they need to get healthy and remain healthy.

There does seem to be a disconnection between those individuals who possess health insurance coverage and those individuals who have no health insurance coverage. The common denominator seems to be the monetary flow.  Those individuals and children for that matter, who are associated with a health insurance provider, receive better attention, time, and medical health care than those individuals who have none.

Take a walk through any community hospital and observe. The emergency rooms are filled with individuals with all sorts of illnesses, the need for stitches, and broken arms, and legs. The emergency room takes the most severe cases first while others sit and wait. They will also call those individuals who have shown proof of health insurance coverage and everyone else who is left is those who have nothing.

Just make the time, spend an afternoon in any emergency room, and see what happens to those individuals without any health insurance provider. Of course, make sure it is a community hospital. The private hospitals will ask you to leave when they find you have no health insurance provider or the monetary means to pay for a procedure and that includes when you bring sick children too.

This is just another way to underscore the importance of acquiring health insurance of any kind, even low-cost health insurance. In many cases, it will mean the difference between life and death and that is sad. Check with your state and fill out the health insurance application to find out if you are eligible, especially when there are young children involved.


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