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Health Insurance and Burn Survivors

Jul 8th, 2010

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health insuranceIndividuals who experienced a catastrophic mishap and find they are the victim of burns know the healthcare costs for the road to recovery are going to be beyond what their health insurance provider can sustain. When there are family members available it would be a good idea for them to file for financial assistance on the individual’s behalf.

This is a very traumatic time all the way around including the loss of financial stability if the individual burned is the breadwinner of the family unit. Depending upon the age of the individual there are any number of healthcare and financial avenues that the family members can research to see which apply.

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security benefits, Disability Insurance, and Supplemental Social Security are there for those who are genuinely in need. The health insurance provider will also do their best to honor the health insurance policy of the family involved, but they will not have the ability to cover all expenses and the recovery treatment that will take months for healing to begin.

Many of the additional health insurance forms are downloaded and filled out online to expedite the resolution of the current issues. Workmen’s compensation may also play a role during the healing process of the individual because the last thing anyone wants is for the burned individual to lose his or her home while trying to go through treatments for healing.

The Workmen’s health insurance coverage will cover much of the lost wages of the breadwinner and possibly contribute to the unpaid medical health care expenses. The individual’s homeowner insurance policy is another avenue for the family to explore to see what is afforded towards the health care expenses that are consistently piling up higher and higher.

One incident can send even the best of families into a tailspin when such a catastrophic incident does occur. Financial stability will be the second major issue aside from the long-term healing process for the burned individual. Remaining in constant contact with the health insurance provider of record will be of great importance.

This is a way for you to keep a total inventory of which health care bills are being paid and how long it is taking for the necessary payments to reach the health care medical physician, hospital, lab technicians, and others within the medical community that are involved with this case. Remember this will take a very long time and the sooner you begin to file all the necessary health insurance requests the better off you will be.

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