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Health Care Reform Legalities

Sep 24th, 2010

health care reformCurrently there are twenty-two states that have begun to file legal briefs challenging the constitutionality of the new health care reform bill that was passed in March 2010. It will take some time for all the legal briefs to file through the spider web of channels before it reaches the Supreme Court for a final decision. There are several main issues to contend with and a few of the twenty-two states have combined their efforts.

1.    The issue of mandated health insurance coverage for all citizens
2.    Mandated fine for non-compliance with the new health insurance provision
3.    Violation of state sovereignty, citing the Commerce Clause
4.    Unfair financial burden on states

One of the main issues is trying to persuade the courts the health care reform bill, which is now the law of the land, if even in part, is constitutional. Yet, to date, the health care bill seems to be infringing upon states rights through the long ago agreed to commerce clause. Unless Congress wishes to change the wording of commerce clause, this health care bill will need to eliminate a few of the major issues.

If on the other hand, the government wishes to continue with this health care bill they will need to change the wording of the health care bill and show just cause this is really nothing more than an across the board tax or show why this health care reform bill must stand on its own merit.

At this present time, there are more citizens angry and upset over this huge mandate of the government to confiscate more of their hard-earned income. In many ways, we the people are reaching the saturation point where it is no longer profitable to hold down employment.

Will this new health care reform bill stand when millions of more citizens lose their homes, their employment, and their livelihood? Will this new health care reform bill stand as more businesses large and small begin to close up and move out of the country? What will happen when even more citizens move out of the country as many have already done?

The current legal challenges being placed and argued in the courts will take time to find their way through the system. In the mean time, the health care providers are all beginning to purchase commercial advertising in the belief they will have more individuals of all ages coming into their fold. The health insurance providers might want to take a closer look before they begin counting the money they have yet to receive.


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