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Health Care Reform Ideology

Jul 6th, 2010

health careThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was officially signed into law on March 23, 2010 will change the current health insurance coverage and the way we the people perceive health care. Though most citizens are uncertain when this new ideology will occur, it will be phased in through small increments over the next four years.

There will be a number of changes, which will be misunderstood in the beginning, but over the four years as it slowly becomes the law of the land, all individuals will come to understand just how this new low cost health insurance will affect their lives.

  1. The expansion of Medicaid eligibility
  2. Subsidizing health insurance premiums for qualified participants
  3. Providing incentives for businesses to continue providing health insurance coverage to all employees or face a fine
  4. Providing coverage to all citizens with pre-existing conditions by utilizing the high-risk insurance pool
  5. Establishing a health insurance exchange for easier access to health insurance

Now, this may sound fine initially until you begin to do your homework and look a little closer to what this health insurance adjustment will mean for you and your family members. In the new health insurance bill, there is an often-unnoticed paragraph that states the Internal Revenue Service will monitor and be the one in charge to collect all health insurance payments on a monthly basis.

We the people who decide to rebuke this new health insurance mandate will be punished with a penalty fee that will begin at ninety-five dollars on the first year, six hundred ninety-five dollars on the second year, and progress to between one percent and two percent of the household income per year. In other words, your government is mandating you to purchase a free market product.

Ultimately, this will cause the traditional family as we the people know it to be to break apart simply because they will be unable to afford the high cost of this mandated health insurance. Those family units who make the decision to remain together will be forced a few years down the road into what the government has wanted all along, the single-
payer health insurance system.

When this occurs, your government will be in complete control of every aspect of your life from birth to death. Soon the government will mandate what foods to eat and of course how much, what stores to frequent, what clothes to wear. Is this really, what you want?

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