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Health Care Reform and the Young

Dec 15th, 2010

health care reformAll the discussions regarding the new health insurance reform and the young residing in our country are the least concerned. They understand this is a mandated health insurance and all citizens are expected to purchase an individual health insurance policy or continue with the group health insurance policy through their employers. It is fascinating to talk with the young in the country who still expect to remain without health insurance coverage until they are much older.
The one area where the young will benefit from the health care reform act that was recently passed is in regards to the pre-existing health care conditions. There are many in the young community who were born with known pre-existing health care conditions. Other individuals developed known pre-existing health care condition, as they grew older.
Unless they were covered under their parent’s affordable health insurance, policy it became impossible to gain a low cost health insurance policy to cover the pre-existing health care condition they were inflicted. Many children also have health insurance coverage through their school sports programs, but this is still not a primary health insurance policy.
Once a student reached graduation, they found they were on their own because the affordable health insurance they were covered under ceased when they turned nineteen years of age. The one option for the young was to enroll full time in a college setting to continue the health insurance until graduation.
The new health care reform bill that was passed during the early part of 2010 extended health care coverage through the parent’s health insurance policy until the student reaches twenty-six years old. The one major difference with the new health care reform bill is the cost to the health insurance providers.
The health insurance providers will soon be expected to cover a multitude of services without asking for co-payments from the subscribers. Extending health insurance coverage to all children until they reach the age of twenty-six is going to cost the health insurance providers millions. These are young individuals the health insurance providers were ready to add to their rolls as separate paying customers.
Even with all these changes, the young in our population remain disinterested in health insurance coverage unless they are suffering from a catastrophic injury or disease. Yet, we will have to wait and see if this new health care reform bill will come to fruition. Perhaps in the future there will be a few more adjustments to bring this bill more in line with what the American people are requesting.

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